Jewellery Made for Ashes Versus Jewellery Made From Ashes: Which Is Best for You?

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Memorial ashes jewellery is becoming more and more popular as a way of commemorating a loved one. Instead of having to visit a grave, which may be some distance away, you can carry a part of your family member around with you. There are two main types; jewellery made for ashes, such as pendants which hold a small part of your loved one's ashes, and jewellery made from ashes, in which the ashes are incorporated into the jewellery itself. If you are not sure which type is for you, here are some of the advantages of each.

Jewellery for ashes

This is the most simple type of memorial ashes jewellery. A simple pendant can be used to contain a small amount of ashes, which can then be worn as a keepsake. These are usually the cheapest option - it is even possible to make them yourself, buying a standard piece of jewellery and putting the ashes in yourself. It is more usual though to use a specialist jeweller's service. In this case, you can use a regular piece of jewellery or pay for a custom-made piece. Either way, the quality will be much higher than if you did it yourself.

The main advantage here is the simplicity of the process. If you want to carry some of the ashes around without any kind of transformation, you can simply have them put in a necklace or ring without any kind of fuss. This will also be the quickest option and may be the best solution if you want a sense of closure without having to wait for your jewellery.

Jewellery from ashes

The second type incorporates the ashes into the jewellery itself - into glass, metal or even a gemstone. This will take a lot longer and will need a skilled jeweller to make the jewellery. The advantage though is that there is no limit to what can be designed. You can incorporate the ashes into your loved one's favourite gemstone, or make a design unique to them that seems to sum up their personality. There is also no limit to the type of jewellery that can be made — cuff links or earrings are just as possible as pendants.

To sum up, jewellery made from ashes is the simplest option, whereas jewellery made from ashes allows you to have a unique bespoke piece made by a skilled craftsperson. Whichever you choose, you will know that your commemoration of your loved one is with you wherever you go.